This is a personal testimony of the experiences that go beyond the mundane limitations of mainstream 'reality'.

A less intensive approach to information that may be beneficial in preparing and protecting one for the truth of this reality, the psychological aspects of the situation, healing and trauma may be found at this blog: https://thesoulunveiling.wordpress.com/

Everything I publish here is based on personal direct experiences in the course of my present life, and I also had experience in the course of many lives - as a result of my participation in the secret projects.

I was shown many things by those who work behind the scenes.

The unveiling is a series of events brought about by the necessity and capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

The Unveiling Outline
= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters
Category: The Bigger Picture

Many people are here to help perform this task, they are ex-operatives, researchers, healers, travelers, scientists, and so on.

I am here to assist in informing the public of "The Unveiling"

  • Ritual Child Sexual Abuse and Celebrity Cloning involving Politicians and Holographic Simulated Realities
  • Child Sexual Abuse by Politicians, Spiritual Slavery, Advanced Technology and Simulated Realities (video)
  • Interdimensional Parasites, The "Imaginary Entities", Child Abuse and Advanced Technology
  • Deep underground military bases, D.U.M.B.s or DUMBS for short. In these bases various (USAPs) projects are carried out. These projects range from military abductions (MiLabs), genetic engineering experiments (cloning), mind-control and trauma-based (torture) mind-control, to development and research of advanced travel, energy and the development of zero-point energy devices which can transfer the consciousness of a living human into a cloned body (Soul-Transfer), Programming The Mind and The Reality of The Soul
  • Multiple Factions of Space-Fleets, Solar Warden, Trauma-Testing and Programming, The Line In The Sand, Operatives and The Great Shift
  • Cloning Centers, Celebrity Cloning, Cloning, Supercomputer Sentience, and Human rights, Celebrities
  • Advanced Technology, The Unveiling of Human Cloning, Ascension Devices, The Unveiling and Ancient Hidden Technology, Physical and Energetic Bodies, Physicality and Higher Self, Technology of The Awakening, Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels
  • My Personal Journey to Awakening, The Awakening of 2010, Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016
  • DNA acceleration and the effects and process of increasing the efficiency of one's neuronal processes until the brain is activated in a way which produces a spiritual effect over the matter of the body and even space and time. DNA Activation, The States of Brainwave Cycles
  • The Original Timeline, Rumors of Monetary Dissolution, The Dissolution of The Deception System
  • Everyone Can Be Healed, The Power of The Heart
  • Energy Vampirism,
  • The ranking of extra-terrestrial and ultra-terrestrial species on a high-dimensional spectrum of existence moving from the ability to alter and deconstruct spacial and temporal environments, to the ability to traverse or construct an entire timeline and Universal passage way.
  • Coming Events: The Energy Grid, DNA Mutations, Phones and Electrical Devices, The Mandala Effect, Strange Sounds From Earth and Sky, Electromagnetics and Plasma, Scalar Weaponry, Forest Fires and Underground Bases, Changes and The Cure-All, An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena
  • The Negotiations, Clearing Trauma, Carrying Traumatic Memory and Release
  • "The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge", 3 Phases of The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge, The Shift of The Ages, The Grand Continuum, The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time,

Earth Changes

Important Aspects of Disclosure

Important Aspects of Disclosure 2
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