Lily Kolosova Biography

I was born in Ukraine, and grew up in a large family with 12 siblings. I loved my family very much and enjoyed the beautiful countryside where we lived as it provided opportunities to discover, explore and interact with nature. I knew very early on that I was a little bit different due to many unusual and paranormal experiences that I had starting at around 5 years old. I was very lucky to be surrounded and guided by many elder wisdom holders even though I was just a kid.

Later, I discovered that other children and adults couldn't see what I saw, felt and experienced. I was shocked and quickly kept quiet about all of it. My teenage years were also full of paranormal experiences with increased intensity.

In 1992, I left Ukraine for America and settled in Denver, CO where some family members had already settled. I learned English as second language by a combination of watching numerous television shows and taking English classes. I was always interested in spirituality, religions and metaphysics. I quickly began reading anything I could get my hands on which I thoroughly enjoyed. While working as a successful real estate broker, I kept my quest for truth and spiritual studies up.

A few years ago, during a walk in nature, which I always loved since my childhood, I found a large tree and a grassy area, took a rest and decided to do some meditation. During this rich experience, I believed I had connected directly to Mother Nature herself. My mind was flooded with great insights. I was extremely excited about these insights that I had discovered deep within and all around me. I never felt more alive! I sensed that these insights were cutting-edge material and decided it would be very important to share what I discovered with others. So I quickly set up a YouTube channel and began to make some rudimentary videos. I used charts to display what I learned and during the descriptions of them, additional insights and revelations flooded in as well. Around this time, I also set up my first Facebook group, feeling that others would be interested in my discoveries.

And I was right. Many people, from around the world, sent in comments about their own similar experiences. In some cases, people felt that they had self-initiated into a natural healing process for their own individual concerns. Also, suddenly, various people who had their own YouTube channels, reached out to me, and invited me to be interviewed for their own growing audiences. They felt that my insights and revelations augmented their own and that they could further advance their research as well. In September of 2014, I started doing interviews with popular radio hosts and researchers in alternative media. From there, additional YouTube Producers also invited me onto their own heavily trafficked channels. All these rewarding experiences came full circle when I incorporated my exploration into Gnostic studies.

Based on the new things I learned in my meditations, self discoveries and continued readings, as well as, the advance of the Earth Correction timeline, at the end of 2016, I decided to create a new Facebook group, the Wild Wisdom Warriors with a corresponding new YouTube channel. What's exciting for me at present and what I perceive for the near and continuing future, is to exercise my talent and ambition in continuing as a multi-media communicator to bring forward more of what I know to be true. I realized that what I sensed and knew as a young girl was very on track in the present, paving the way for an exciting future for all of us.

My new videos and the Wild Wisdom Warriors Facebook group is all about self empowerment. I believe the Wild Wisdom Warriors are the new Gnostics of today - Warriors endowed with wisdom (Divine Sophia) and knowledge (Gnosis). When this true wisdom is embraced internally and expressed externally, we, the Warriors, become true human beings, free and wild as nature had intended.

I feel this may be the correct evolutionary acceleration for Earth and Humanity today. New insights continue to flow in and my spiritual quest for truth is undaunted.